the founders

Inspired by the incredible New England yoga community and stunning natural environment, Cape Cod yogis Annika Iliadis, Amanda Converse, Kate Sheehan, and Jen Villa came together in 2013 to dream up a yoga festival that celebrates both. Today, Love Yoga Company is led solely by Annika, but the mission remains the same.

Annika Iliadis

Annika (Ah-KNEE-ka) married her love for yoga and her passion for business when, after ten years in sales and marketing , she opened the first yoga and wellness center on Cape Cod. She successfully cultivated the center for six years, and in spring of 2013 sold it to another local yogi so that she could spend more time with her family.

Annika developed a love and passion for yoga when she started pursuing a Masters in Natural Health, and learned that yoga was helping people prevent cancer. She then went on to receive her yoga instructor certification, which led to building the yoga center. Unable to contain her entrepreneurial spirit, Annika envisioned bringing a yoga festival to Cape Cod and joined with fellow yogis Amanda, Jen and Kate of LoveLiveLocal to make Love Yoga Fest a reality. It is clear to Annika more then ever that everything happens exactly as it should, and everything that happens in life unfolds into the next adventure that is meant to be.