Shauna Childs

Shauna began her yoga practice in 1998, studying with many wonderful teachers (including Lora Ziemba and Sheri Boyle). Searching for a way to deepen her own practice, and a desire to share the many benefits of yoga with others, Shauna completed several trainings and certifications including, Finding Inner Peace, Yogafit, and Radiant Child Yoga Program. Over the pass 15 years she has found yoga to be the most powerful way to develop and maintain physical vitality, mental clarity and a path to a joyful life. Her approach to Hatha Yoga emphasizes the integration of mind, body and breath. Students of all levels and experience are honored and encouraged to “move at their own perfect pace”. Her yoga classes generally feature gentle stretching, flowing sequences, and attention to alignment. This lively practice will build core strength, flexibility and ease. Shauna will provide a safe place where you can benefit from the grounding and stress-reducing gifts of yoga.

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