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Daniel Orlansky

{Presenter Profile} Daniel Orlansky

​Hold on to your mats, we’ve lined up Daniel Orlansky to present at Love Yoga Fest 2015! This incredible teacher will help you to fill in the gaps and enhance your everyday yoga practice.

Daniel, a yoga teacher since 1992, is certified in Jnana Yoga, Kali Ray TriYoga and Kundalini Yoga, and is the originator of Meridian Yoga. In his practice, Daniel aims to melt tension and remove blocks in the mind/body, so we can become whole. Then we “flow” and the life energy of Prana flows through us, connecting us to heaven and earth, sun and moon, and all of nature; the heart begins to sing and we find not only joy inside, but also our true and authentic self.

On Saturday, sign up for Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra: The Power of Breath where you will experience harmony, lightness, joy and a radiant spirit with breathing exercises and inner energy practices drawn from classical and Kundalini Yoga. Through various pranayamas, Daniel will help us learn how to enhance and extend the breath. We will draw upon our inner locks — or bandhas — to channel our heightened pranic energy. And with mudras such as hand gestures we will explore ways to strengthen our mental focus. Beginners and advanced students will receive helpful tips for an effective home practice. If most of your yoga experience so far has been asana-based studies, this workshop will round out your practice.

Stay tuned Sunday for Daniel’s workshop on integrating strength and flexibility training, energy cultivation, and open awareness. Yoga of Energy Flow and the Power of Prana: Inner Fire, Outer Radiance is a unique and transformative yoga method. In this workshop we will draw from Kundalini Yoga, Meridian Yoga, and Kali Ray TriYoga to experience simple but powerful ways to increase and balance the flow of pranic energy through our body, mind, and spirit. Daniel will help us work with pranayama, vinyasa, asana, chanting meditation, and oriental bodywork in a practice that opens and changes us.

Read more about Daniel’s background, which includes a master’s degree in Expressive Art Therapy/Dance Therapy from Lesley University and regular teaching at the Kripalu Center and the Omega Institute.

Daniel Orlansky

Daniel Orlansky, a yoga teacher who was featured at Love Yoga Fest 2015.

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