LYF 2020 Workshop Series

Cultivating Peace During Challenging times

The mission of this workshop series is to help people gain peace in their minds during challenging times. If you are reading this, than you have been chosen to present for LYF’s virtual online workshop series…thank you for also choosing US!


  • LYF commits to uploading all pertinent info. To the LYF website.
  • Creating a social media ad for all of us to share on social media.
  • Selling Tickets
  • Providing the platform for the event
  • Advertising and promotion on our end (including but not limited to: our social media platforms, groups we are a part of, newsletters, promotion on website, etc)
  • Facilitating the event the night of on Zoom
  • Sending out zoom links and confirmation emails
  • Sending out thank you emails. 
  • Giving them the opportunity to join your mailing list .
  • Pay you 60% of the ticket sales after $100 service fee is deducted from the LYF team to cover square, zoom and designer costs. 


  • A 30 minute zoom call with Annika prior to the workshop – Will email you to schedule. 
  • Promotion on your end. This is mandatory. You must promote to your community on social media and in a newsletter or email to your database. We must see at least 2-3 mentions about the workshop. 
  • Link on your website to the workshop
  • To get us all the pertinent info. We need to promote you successfully, 
  • To show up early for your workshop
  • To be prepare and ready