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Alicia Mathewson, Sacred Sound

Make Music, Be Happy: A Chat With Singer/Songwriter + Sacred Sound Healer Alicia Mathewson

Alicia Mathewson’s energy is, in a word, magical. We caught up with this multi-talented singer/songwriter and sacred sound healer ahead of our “Release + Renew: Unblocking Your Energy to Live Your True Path” retreat on May 1-3, where she will lead meditation and kirtan!

You are a healer and a “singer of songs,” as well as a meditation guide. How does it all fit together and why are these practical modes of healing for daily life?

It’s all about vibration. We all have a unique vibration and as a musician and singer I have been able to experience that truth both musically and spiritually. When we are in better balance or “tune” with ourselves we make better harmony with others and have more success in our lives. If we fall out of harmony, stress arises and we begin to experience dis-ease in our bodies, minds, and emotions. Everything I practice and guide others to practice, including the Rising Star Energy Healing Session is about understanding one’s own vibration, how to tune into it, notice if it feels out of balance and how to allow it to transform back into balance. This self-awareness and practice of self-healing allows us to play more harmoniously and joyously with others.

What can attendees expect from your meditation and chanting classes/opportunities?

The morning classes will create a space of safety and stillness to breathe deep and tune into one’s own unique vibration. Sometimes when doing a retreat with multiple offerings, our systems take in so much, it’s nice to have a moment to connect with yourself and integrate all that is happening. through simple breathing and guided mantra meditation or chanting, we give our thinking mind a break and tune back into our own unique bodies, breath, and self-awareness. We might also have some fun and let the chanting/kirtan vibration get a little rowdy. Making sound with others is a powerful way to transform, connect, and enjoy.

Is there a pose or quote or mantra that inspires your work?

So hum is my favorite mantra meditation. so hum. To me it means, I am and all is well. We chant mentally “so” on the inhale and “hum” on the exhale. It can also be translated to mean. So: I am. Hum: all separation is illusion. This is the mantra I use when facilitating a Rising Star Energy Healing Session and it is also what I use in my daily japa practice. So simple and yet so powerful. One of my favorite things to chant is the heart sutra: gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha. Such a heart healing and opening.

When you aren’t singing, healing and making people happy, what are a few of your favorite things?

I love to go hear live music or watch live performance. I used to live in NYC, so whenever I get a chance I LOVE to see a really good play or musical on Broadway or off, and then go out for a great meal. I also love a really good intimate concert with a singer/songwriter – someone who inspires me to keep doing what I do.

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Thank you for sharing, Alicia! We can’t wait to experience your healing energy at our “Release + Renew” retreat.

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