Workshop Description

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that shifts and alchemizes stuck energy in the body.
Through the power of intentional breath we are able to enter an altered state of consciousness to access, process,
and release emotional debris from our cellular memory. This may include working through conditioned behaviors,
reprogramming subconscious limiting beliefs, unraveling past traumas, repressed emotions, and physical tension.
Resulting in a recalibration of the nervous system, a feeling of clarity, elevation, and alignment.

The new moon is a powerful time to set intentions of what we would like to see manifest and
how we would like to feel in the coming weeks ahead.

Workshop Includes:

Astrology discussion of the new moon energy
Guided meditation
Sound bath
& More

Learn More About Your  Facilitator, Molly Rose at


Cost: $30


We have a no refund policy on this workshop,
we will be recording the workshop, therefore if you cannot attend,
we will be emailing you the recording.

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