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Petra Ledkovsky

Petra Ledkovsky

A lifelong athlete, Petra discovered the profound healing and strengthening benefits of yoga in 2002. An immediate and fervent devotee, she left her career in marine science education to share her passion for yoga with others.

Known for her creative and intelligent Flow Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Prenatal Yoga, and Reformer Flow Pilates classes and workshops, she has completed over 400 hours of training with master teachers of various lineages, including her primary teacher, Ana Forrest. She embraced Reformer Pilates as a valuable complementary practice to yoga, and has trained with Balanced Body University since 2008.

Her many influences and personal practice have led her to emphasize both alignment and flow for safe exploration in her teaching, and she founded Orleans Yoga + Pilates in 2013 dedicated to the principle of integrating both equally.

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