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Bettina Brown

{Presenter Profile} Bettina Brown

Start each day of festival practice by riding the sound waves of healing crystal bowls during a deeply relaxed morning meditation led by Bettina Brown.

Clinical studies have shown that participating in sound therapy can reduce pain and anxiety, lower heart rate and blood pressure. Enjoy a deeply relaxing powerful experience as you lie in a comfortable supported position or by exploring your own individualized yoga practice. Bettina will nurture you through sacred sound creating space for healing which will lead you to overall good health, by releasing emotional blockages and opening the door for new spiritual growth.

Bettina began teaching in 2012 as a way to heal the loss of her parents. Throughout the layers of her yoga development, she has discovered compassion, forgiveness, connection and a greater sense of purpose. A Cape Cod resident for over a decade, Bettina specializes in meditation, sound baths, gentle and chair yoga. Her deep sense of peace is shared amongst all her classes. Bettina teaches multiple opportunities a week at Centerville Yoga and is available for private experiences.

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