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Chanel Luck

Presenter Spotlight: Chanel Luck

A Boston-area favorite, Chanel Luck is a founder of Radiant Yoga and we’re thrilled to have her teaching at the first-ever Love Yoga Fest Cape Cod! Chanel focuses on vinyasa, prana flow, Yin and meditation in her practice. LYF yogis can sign up for her two offerings during the weekend: Chakra Exploration: The 7 Energy Centers of Your Body and Release Tension in the Head, Neck & Shoulders. They are filling up fast so purchase your tickets today!

What are you looking forward to and what do you love about being a part LYF? I love the Cape!!! I love all the Cape Cod yogis I meet! I am looking forward to connecting more with the yoga community there.

Favorite pose? Handstand

Pose that challenges you the most and why? Wheel (shoulder injury)

Favorite spot on the Cape? The Provincetown Dunes

Any other fun facts you want to share? I grew up a professional figure skater! I’m also a cranial sacral therapist…total brain and spine nerd!