Workshop Description

This workshop offers guided meditation with deeply restorative yoga, RECOVER your mind is designed to trigger the relaxation response. Expect long-held restorative postures, body scans, and mindfulness meditation.

We will begin the workshop with some journaling then discuss some simple mindfulness techniques to help navigate your thoughts and learn to quiet them. We will cultivate awareness around damaging thoughts and learn how to use self-compassion to combat them.

We begin with a formal seated meditation and then move into a restorative yoga sequence. Amy will cue you through sensation and breath to help keep your mind present. We will continue to use our mindfulness and self-compassion tools throughout the practice. This work will reduce stress, improve sleep, build self esteem, and teach you how to manage your own mind.

You will need a paper and pen, yoga mat, two blocks, and a blanket or beach towel.


Meet the Instructor – Amy Leydon

Amy has been a pioneering force in the Boston yoga scene since 2001 and is one of the most sought after teachers in the city. Known for her effective sequences and masterful cueing, her classes offer elements of meditation and philosophy to give her students a reprieve from the outside world while offering them a deeper understanding of their inside world. Music is a key element to her teaching whether you are doing Sun Salutations or Savasana. The music will always support the movement and guide your practice. Amy has studied extensively with Barbara Benagh and Shiva Rea. She is a postural and movement analyst with Tom Myers. She’s completed trainings with Bo Forbes, Gary Kraftsow, TIMBo, Ganga White, and so many more. She consistently explores various forms of movement, meditation, and healing. She is currently in training to be a Somatic Experience Practioner with Peter Levine.

Her down to earth approach welcomes all students. She strives to make yoga, movement and meditation accessible to all. If you want to get your legs behind your head or nail a handstand in the middle of the room, this probably isn’t the right place for you. If you are looking for healing, knowledge, warmth, and belonging then you will feel right at home. She is passionate about creating an intentional community and leads multiple retreats every year to bring like-minded individuals together.

Amy is a teacher’s teacher. She hosts 200 hour yoga trainings and has many certified instructors currently teaching in the Boston area and beyond. Her signature RECOVER trainings offer continuing education to teachers and serious students.

Amy offers 4 different modalities: heart, mind, body, and soul. Heart is a cardio based class designed to strengthen physical and energetic heart health. Mind combines restorative yoga with guided meditation. Body is a therapeutic class that uses rolling, stretching, and strengthening to reduce aches and pains. Soul is a traditional slow flow set to music.


“I call my method RECOVER because I believe we are all consistently recovering from something. I also believe there is a part of ourselves that we don’t know is lost and I want to help you find it. I’m here as a guide to help you discover the process that works for you.”


Cost: $25


We have a no refund policy on this workshop,
we will be recording the workshop, therefore if you cannot attend,
we will be emailing you the recording.

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