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Sara DiVello

Seek + You Shall Find: A Chat With Author, Yoga Teacher + Workshop Leader Sara DiVello

LYFers, we absolutely adore Sara DiVello. As kind as she is wise, Sara brings joy to everything to she touches and we are beyond lucky to count her as a featured presenter for our spring retreat, “Release + Renew: Unlocking Your Energy to Live Your True Path.” The author of the best-selling memoir Where In the Om Am I?, which chronicles her escape from corporate life to the not-always-Zen-like world of teaching yoga, Sarah is passionate about sharing her story in service of others and leading workshops that help them live their dharma.

Sara, your workshop at the spring retreat is geared toward “seekers.” What are some of the questions that people who want to attend might be asking themselves?

You might be wrestling with a specific question like, “What am I doing with my life? My career? A relationship? Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? Is this enough?” Or you might have a more general feeling of being unsatisfied, a nagging, persistent feeling of being unfulfilled or stuck, or the feeling that you’re just not where you should be, or doing what you should be doing in some facet of your life.

These are all questions I have struggled with. I will share the yoga practice that helped me gain clarity and feel supported through my personal and professional transitions, as well as some really unique and powerful tools from both eastern and western approaches to help participants clarify, energize, and feel empowered as their work through their own.

For the Sanskrit un-initiated, what does it mean to “live your dharma”?

“Dharma” is one of my favorite words in any language because it’s so clear and powerful. It is the path you are meant to walk and the work you are called to do, which will empower, energize, and fulfill you, as well as serve the world in a positive way.

Is there a quote that inspires you most?

Yes! “Do not ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman said that and I love it because too often we don’t allow ourselves to have this awakening or to pursue our dharma for various (and often understandable) reasons. This quote gives you permission to pursue living your dharma and reminds you that in living your dharma you are also serving the world. I love that.

Off the mat, what are a few of your favorite things?

I love to garden, cook, eat, and travel! I’m learning to knit. I’m also passionate about animal rescue.

* * *

Want more from Sara? Sign up now to join “Release + Renew: Unlocking Your Energy to Live Your True Path,” May 1-3, 2015, on Cape Cod. We’ve designed the retreat to be an intimate and transformative experience, so passes are limited. Expect a balance between talks, yoga (for any level), music, meditation and quiet. There’s no time like the present to begin leading a life you love!