Workshop Description

Join host Annika Iliadis of Love Yoga Fest on November 17th at 6pm, for this amazing
virtual workshop facilitated by the master herself, Michelle Johnson, social justice
activist, anti-racism trainer, author and yoga teacher!

Social justice and creating change is at the heart of the practice of yoga. Through the
practice of yoga we are invited to experience personal transformation that as best will
allow us to be more effective in creating change in the world for the greater good. We
are in a time in a world where we need to turn towards one another to create collective
change. In this session, space will be created for you to explore the principles yoga and
the principles of justice to inspire you to use your practice of yoga to create a just world
for yourself and all the beings. We will explore: power and privilege, oppression and
identity, suffering and liberation and loving and kindness.

Participants will use the tools of pranayama (breath work), meditation; teachings
from the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras; discussion and individual reflection to delve
deeper into the interplay of yoga and social justice. This all levels yoga workshop will include
a dharma talk, meditation, and discussion. We may explore movement during our time
together, so please wear comfortable clothing.

Learn More About Your Facilitator, Michelle Johnson at


Cost: $25


We have a no refund policy on this workshop,
we will be recording the workshop, therefore if you cannot attend,
we will be emailing you the recording.

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